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Gullybaba Publishing House(GPH) Books (via Gullybaba.com)

Top Author “Gullybaba Publishing House(GPH)”

Our objective : GPH BOOKS are the Essential Guides to get 100% results & sure success. It is very difficult to get completely focused material for studying. Most of the times students have to go through lots of books & study material to get the correct solutions to their problems. 'GPH BOOKS' are bridging the gap in current scenario, gullybaba.com has taken an initiative to provide quality material to keep students focused only to those a … Read More

via Gullybaba.com

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  1. bishnupad dash
    September 23, 2011 at 11:16 am

    dear sir/madam
    please send the following B.E.D(ignou) gullybaba key books against V.P.P. as per my permanent address and inform me through my email address.

    Books:-es334,335,363,065 and 066 (total-five books only).

    bishnupad dash.
    at-bikash nagar, po-jatni, dist-khurda, pin-752050


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